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Documentary Review | Hollywood Chinese

Hollywood Chinese (PN 1995.96 .M65 H655 2010) is an eye-opening documentary on the growing industry of Chinese actors, actresses, filmmakers, and producers. It portrays the perspective of Hollywood productions and film making from various famous Chinese actors and directors. Not only do these actors talk about their experiences as acting in the different films but they also discuss how the Chinese society viewed them as actors and individuals. This documentary brings Chinese film and its journey to life through clips of multiple films and short films.

It was interesting to see how the culture of Hollywood adapted to various cultures and races throughout different time periods in history. I also enjoyed the unique film footage displayed in this documentary because it was refreshing to see Chinese culture was intertwined into Hollywood productions. I would recommended this movie to anyone who is interested in the adaption of film and the influence cultural differences had on the film industry.

Written by: Mallory Meng

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