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Documentary Review | The Nazi Officer’s Wife

The Nazi Officer’s Wife (PN 1995.96 .N36 N39 2003) is a thrilling documentary about Edith Hahn, a courageous and brave Jewish law student, and how she was able to survive the holocaust.  This film shows the audience various film reels, photos, and propaganda from Germany and Austria in WWII to help illustrate Edith Hahn’s epic and dangerous life story.  In order to survive the holocaust, Edith Hahn had to adopt the identity of an Aryan German citizen, and blend in with Nazi society, hiding in plain sight.  The interviews with Edith Hahn are especially intriguing, as she provides the audience with her first-hand experiences in Nazi territory, as she attempted to hide her true identity in order to ensure her survival.

This documentary was simply incredible.  The sheer bravery and grit of Edith Hahn is surely enough to win the respect of any person viewing this film.  Her interviews were also deeply touching, as she shared her most intimate feelings with the interviewer and the audience.  She lived a very difficult life, and this film leaves the audience wondering:  what would I do if I had to give up my identity, in order to survive?  I recommend this film to anyone studying history, or even psychology.  They will definitely be intrigued and awe-struck by Edith’s accounts of identity crisis, social conflicts, and outright survival amidst persecution and prejudice.

Written by: Jared McGrail

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