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TV Show Review | Arrow (Season 1)

Arrow is a great concept. I was immediately drawn into the story (due in part to the fast-paced nature of the show and in part to Stephen Amell’s beautiful face). A twenty-something man named Oliver Queen washes up on the shores of a deserted Island after a boating accident, where he learns how to survive for five years with the help of a mysterious resident. After being rescued and taken back to his hometown (that happens to be buzzing with drama), Queen works to avenge his father, who also died in the accident, by confronting situations that have to do with a mystery notebook given to him just after the boating accident, with his signature green hood and rustic bow and arrow.

Many of the ideas presented in this TV show are purposely convoluted and mysterious, so I was torn between feeling both lost and on the edge of my seat. I suspect that when I watch more of the series, many of the events that have happened so far will make more sense. Although this TV show is a fun one, I feel like it is a semi-washed up version of other superhero TV shows I have seen before. After the first two episodes it felt very predictable. However, overall the characters are really like-able, and the plot moves fast enough to stay engaging.

Written by: Kelsey Parker

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