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Documentary Review | The Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen recounts the true events regarding a group of African Americans who aspire to become fighter pilots during the battles of the Second World War. Though almost a century has passed since the American Civil War, the timing is still nearly two decades before the Civil Rights Movement, which means that the airmen …

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Movie Review | Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction follows Harold Crick, an IRS agent, who begins to hear a voice which narrates his day to day actions. At first the voice presents as more of a troublesome mystery until Harold finds a literature teacher willing to help him find a solution.  As he tries to find the source, the mysterious …

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Documentary Review | Vita è bella

Vita è bella (PN 1995.97 .I7 I73vita 2002) is the touching story of the inexhaustible effort of a Jewish Italian father, Guido, in protecting and sheltering his son from the desperation and cruelty of a Nazi concentration camp. In this comedic-drama, Guido shows that even during the most desperate of times, with the right attitude and …

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Documentary Review | Darwin’s Nightmare

Darwin’s Nightmare (PN 1995.96 .A43 D37 2004) is a documentary about some of the major struggles that African people face each day. The documentary mostly follows the stories of people in the African country of Tanzania. Various lives, including the lives of fishermen, children, prostitutes, and pilots, are examined. The realities brought to the stage …

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TV Show Review | Batman Beyond, Season 1

Batman Beyond (PN 1992.8 .A59 B372 2006 vol.1) is an animated television series that takes place after Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape as Batman. The first season follows the story of Bruce’s successor, Terry McGinnis, and how he fills his new role as Batman. Season one includes a new villain almost every episode …

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Movie Review | Oklahoma!

The musical Oklahoma is about a bunch of folks living out in the territory of Oklahoma.  This version shows the play being performed, you hear the audience’s responses to the play.  It tells two separate love stories, among the culture out on the prairie.  One is a girl who does not want to settle down …

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Documentary Review | A Tribe of His Own: The Journalism of P. Sainath

This documentary tells the story of Sainath, an Indian journalist.  Sainath wrote a series of articles for Indian media about the living conditions in the poorest areas of India.  The documentary talks about a few of the stories that he told, about women who find a new sense of freedom riding bikes and children who …

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Movie Review | The Soloist

This movie is a biography about a journalist in Los Angeles named Steve Lopez who comes upon a street musician playing Beethoven on the violin, Nathaniel Ayers.  The musician had been studying and playing the cello at Julliard but had to drop out because of a mental illness.  Steve Lopez originally started to get to …

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Documentary Review | The Nuremberg Trials

Following the end of World War II, the victors faced a dilemma regarding how to punish the leaders of the Nazi cause. Some favored speedy executions, while others felt that a trial would give a more powerful message of civility and justice. American president Harry Truman ultimately decided a trial would best serve their purposes, …

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Documentary Review | The Story of 1

The Story of 1 is a documentary featuring the importance of the number 1. It explains where we would be without it, and the technological advances that have come because of the number 1’s importance. Numbers in general were and are used because the number 1 was an invention and/or discovery. The documentary features Terry …

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