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Documentary Review | The Dark Side

The Dark Side is a documentary explaining the opposing viewpoints of Dick Cheney and  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Taking place just after the events of 9/11, both knew that something had to be done in order to win the war on terror. But as both oppose in views and actions, such as whether to use the CIA or the Pentagon for the war on terror, they needed to agree in order to win the war on terror and save their country. Confused as to where the source of this terror was coming from, whether it be Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussain, or Osama Bin Laden, the political leaders needed to take action.

I gave this documentary a 4/5 stars because it kept me entertained. It was an interesting documentary to watch, and I was able to learn a lot about the situation. It was very informative, and it does a good job of showing multiple perspectives that help lead us to our own conclusions. Again, I was entertained by it and it is a documentary worth your time if you want to know more about 9/11 and what the U.S. did to rebound from it.

Written by Jeshua Osorio

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