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Archive: July 20th, 2018

TV Show Review | Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1

Brooklyn Nine-nine is a comedic TV show about a police precinct and their fun adventures. As they work to overcome new and growing challenges, the squad goes through many rough times together. Each character in the squad has their own funny traits and characteristics. Some members of the Squad include Holt, Peralta and Santiago. Captain …

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Movie Review | The Dance

The Dance (PN 1995.98 .L6 D36 2007) is a fun, warming Mormon romance film. The film follows the love stories of three different couples, all at different parts of life and their respective relationships. One couple is a couple of 25 years who gradually learn that their love need not dwindle through trying times. Another …

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Documentary Review | The Endurance

The story of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance is a chilling one. Pictures and live footage of their journey give this documentary an eerie but incredibly realistic feel. The documentary follows Shackleton’s journey through the Antarctic by using bits of journal entries written by the sailors as well as Shackleton himself. The film incorporates details which give …

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