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Archive: July 6th, 2018

Documentary Review | My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts

This was a short film tells the tale of a grandmother during WWII in Oslo who took what she knew to make a difference in the war.  Her grandmother ironed shirts, including the king’s, for a living and so when the king fled during the war, she took over ironing the Nazi’s shirts.  From there …

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Documentary Review | Much Ado About Nothing

This performance of Much Ado About Nothing is done extremely well.  This play is set in the 1980’s, and although they use Shakespeare’s words, they did a great job applying them to a different century.  The acting was able to help the viewer so that even someone who is not very familiar with Shakespeare could …

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Documentary Review | Robert Burns in Global Culture

Professor Murray Pittock, who is a Scottish professor at the University of Glasgow, gave a lecture at BYU about the Scottish Poet, Robert Burns.  Pittock at the time was overseeing a 10 volume set of collection of Burns’ work. Burn’s works have been translated 3,042 times, which is one of the reasons Pittock said that …

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Documentary Review | The English Reading Series

In this English Reading Series lecture, Brandon Sanderson talks about the challenges to becoming a writer, and encourages potential writers to keep trying and writing what they are passionate about.  He then shares a few excerpts from his book, The Way of Kings, which had not yet been published. The excerpts introduce characters like Dalinar, …

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Documentary Review | Censorship or Selcection

This film showed a panel discussing censorship for books both taught in the classroom and available in school libraries.  The panel consisted of teachers, school librarians, school board members and others who are concerned about this issue. Through listening to this hour long debate, I realized that this is really an issue with a delicate …

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Documentary Review | Primetime War

This documentary showed news reporters and videographers in the Middle East documenting the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  A theme of the film is helping viewers to consider where the news is coming from and understand what might really be happening on the other side of the camera.  These reporters, from various countries, risk getting hit by …

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