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Archive: July 2nd, 2018

Documentary Review | Pajaros de Papel

Pajaros de Papel is a Spanish film about the people who are in the cities during and after the Spanish Civil War.  It follows struggling musicians, and a boy that they end up caring for, as they try to deal with the war and put their lives back together.  It is a touching story that …

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Documentary Review | The Cove

This documentary shows a team of people who go to Japan to illegally capture videos of dolphins being taken captive or slaughtered in order to try to help stop it.  They went to capture video and spread the word and save the dolphins.  This documentary is still being used to try to bring awareness to …

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Movie Review | Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies is a movie about an American lawyer (Tom Hanks) during the cold war who was appointed to represent an accused Russian spy.  This was very controversial, but he tried to adequately represent the spy and ends up involved in negotiations with the Russians for trading prisoners. I think they did a very …

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