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Movie Review | Zootopia

Zootopia is a fun loving family movie about a modern mammal metropolis. It is a melting pot where animals from every environment live together. Rookie cop Judy Hopps, an energetic bunny cop, partners with a sly fox to crack the case on conspiracy as she tries to prove she is the right animal for the …

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Documentary Review | Jerusalem

  “Jerusalem” is a documentary by National Geographic that captivates the beauty of the ancient city Jerusalem. Throughout history Jerusalem has become the gateway city for three major religions and is one of the most fought over pieces of land in the world. It follows the world-renowned archaeologist, Dr. Jodi Magness, as she explores the …

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Documentary Review | Helvetica

“Helvetica” explores the creation and enduring quality of the Helvetica font. Since 1957, Helvetica has acted as a timeless classic in the world of design and typeface development. It is considered by some to be a “perfect font” due to its simplicity and clean lines, and by others to be overused and inexpressive. This documentary …

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Movie Review | My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula Portokalos, the daughter of two passionately proud Greek immigrants, has always felt as though she doesn’t fit in, whether it be with her loud, rowdy, and sprawling family, or with the blonde girls at school. Now, at 30 years old and single, Toula’s life is more suffocating and stagnant than ever; she still works …

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Movie Review | Fille du Puisatier (The Well-Digger’s Daughter)

“Fille du Puisatier” is a classic French romance film. The film follows Patricia, the daughter of a well digger who is both loving and stubborn. After falling quickly into a scandalous romance with a dashing, wealthy pilot who eventually must leave for war, Patricia struggles to find out who she is and who she wants …

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Movie Review | It Started With a Kiss

When a poor army man falls for a money-loving, millionaire-seeking model, trouble is bound to arise. Luckily for him, Joe Fitzpatrick has some pretty suave moves with the ladies, and is able to throw his love interest, Maggie, so far off balance that she agrees to marry him within the first 72 hours of their …

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Documentary Review | The Atomic Cafe

World War II has finally come to an end and America is celebrating its great victory. Peace and prosperity however are short-lived as the Cold War is launched into motion. Red scare and nuclear hysteria hits the streets of every corner of the nation as fearful citizens do what they can to be prepared for …

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Documentary Review | Earth

Earth (PN 1995.96 .N38 E27 2009) is a beautiful nature documentary. The documentary follows many different kinds of animals—from polar bears in their polar climates, to elephants in the deserts, to whales in the oceans—and gives us a look at their efforts to survive. The documentary also features breathtaking shots of seemingly untouched nature. This …

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Movie Review | The Assassin

The Assassin is a thrilling movie of suspense and action. Unfortunately, it is not very well known. The character Yie Ninniang, played by actress Shu Qi, is the daughter of a general, who was kidnapped as child. She then learns to be a master of the deadly arts: An Assassin. The target of one of …

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Documentary Review | The Baby’s Brain

The Baby’s Brain, is part one in the series The Secret Life of the Brain. It explores the complexity of the brain from the beginning of our lives. Each piece of the brain contains millions of nerve cells that make connections that collectively function together to allow us to speak, hear, smell, and think. The …

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