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TV Show Review | M*A*S*H

A T.V. series comedy set during the Korean war we meet the narrator Hawkeye who is a surgeon in the army at transition hospital. Hawkeye is not what one would call a rule follower, so antics and chaos often ensue. Mcintyre and Hawkeye are best friends and also the best surgeons in the unit, which gets them out of a lot of trouble. Lt. Colonel Henry Blake is in charge of the platoon and is kind of a goof which makes some of the other officers upset.

I really like how the characters interact, most of them seem very silly which is unusual for an army platoon, that makes the very strict characters almost like the comic relief. A very intriguing show, that is similar to modern medical shows but less drama and more comedy. My favorite character is Radar, who helps with Mcintyre and Hawkeye’s antics and is always there to back them up with wit and satire.

This is very much an adult comedy. It is very funny but has to do with war, surgery, drinking, and adult relationships. There is a bit of choppy cuts from when they originally cut out the commercials but overall it is fine.

Written by Ashley Shaw

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