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TV Show Review | Modern Family

Modern Family is a comedic TV series that follows the lives of three American families as they experience the trials and triumphs of family life. What is really great about this series is that the different families featured are so diverse, making it so that you never get bored with one of them. Each episode goes back and forth between the individual dramas that each family is experiencing. What’s better is that all three families are linked in some way, either by a brother-sister or father-son relationship. This makes things even more fun, because oftentimes the dramas that each family is experiencing all run together to create one huge, hilarious fiasco! Basically, in every episode there are funny things for everyone to enjoy.

The one pitfall of this series is how predictably stereotypical it can be. Some people may find that this only adds to the overall humor of the series, but I found it to be almost annoying at times. There are certain stereotypes such as the “control freak, high-strung mom” or the “endlessly catty, moody teenager” that are always present and that make these characters’ responses quite predictable and at times irksome. However, as I already mentioned, some people may love this very same element of this series.

I would not recommend Modern Family to kids. I would label this series as having adult humor that would not be appropriate for young kids (parents: use your own discretion). Overall, I have enjoyed this series very much and it has definitely made me laugh a lot. I give it 4.5 stars.

Written by Mekell Peterson

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