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Archive: December 6th, 2016

Documentary Review | Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble: Girls Tell Their Truth About the Juvenile Justice System is a documentary following the lives of three young adult girls over four years who have been in and out of jail for various reasons throughout their lives. This movie gives us a look at the challenges that these girls have faced that have contributed …

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Documentary Review | Two Towns of Jasper

  The dehumanization of a group of people is what leads to unspeakable acts. In a town in Texas a man was dragged behind a pickup truck until death. This small town was devastated by this tragedy. The documentary clearly displays the prejudice that nearly all humans have. This prejudice has been overcome very slowly …

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Documentary Review | National Geographic: Return of the King

  Heroes, men and women of extreme courage and high moral value, seem to exist only in fairy tales or fantasy books. This National Geographic special on Lord of the Rings: Return of the King showcases the men and women throughout history who parallel the characters in Tolkien’s famous books and demonstrate qualities of Courage, Virtue, …

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Movie Review | Concussion

  With the sudden deaths of many American NFL players, suspicion and study into the mental health of football players began to arise. Concussion tells the true story of the Nigerian doctor, Bennet Omalu, and his discovery of CTE, a disease caused by brain trauma in NFL players. While such a discovery seems praiseworthy, Dr. …

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TV Show Review | West Wing

  The West Wing is a fictional TV show originally aired on NBC about the personal and professional lives of presidential advisers. The series is very intelligently written and stays true to real issues that happened as the show was being filmed. The cast is brilliant and allows you to see them as real, human …

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Documentary Review | Planet Earth

Planet Earth takes you across the world as it unravels the mysteries of our world. Its incredible camera shooting from all around the world interest and intrigue anyone who watches this riveting documentary. This DVD includes 3 episodes of planet earth. The first, titled “From Pole to Pole,” talks about many animals across the globe. …

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Movie Review | My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper is the story of two sisters, one with mental illness and the other with body image issues. This movie shows the progression of their challenges as they grow older and apart. It is a heartwarming story that demonstrates the importance of family relationships and also the hardships that come with being chronically ill. There …

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Documentary Review | Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women

I knew what to expect when watching Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising Image of Women: a discussion on how advertising using women’s bodies are dehumanizing and lowering the self-esteem of women. The Dove commercial depicting the editing of photos of models led to a discussion about how women are urged to attain an unrealistic goal of …

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Movie Review | The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is an intriguing film in which free will and predestination, along with mere coincidence, interplay into the lives of a young, rising politician and a gifted dancer. The plot centers around whether or not these two are meant to be together and their journey of coming together, despite forces trying to keep …

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Documentary Review | Global Warming: The Signs and the Science

This documentary clearly and simply states all the facts behind global warming. It tells of the history of our world and the impact that humans are having on our environment and the atmosphere due to population. It talks about all the signs of global warming, including storms, flooding, droughts, fires, and much more. It proceeds …

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