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Archive: October, 2016

Documentary Review | The Elegant Universe

The Elegant Universe poses the interesting “string theory”: the idea that everything in the universe is composed of small vibrating strings. I would not recommend this documentary to those who are not interested in the sciences. But for those who have an interest in theoretical physics it is a great presentation of a very difficult …

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Movie Review | One Good Man

This is a heartwarming story about an LDS father who doesn’t realize all the good that he does. Some parts are cheesy, and the acting isn’t the best through the whole movie, but overall it is a great film to watch. It is inspiring to see what a single person can do to improve the …

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Documentary Review | Orson Rolls in His Grave

I was expecting this documentary by Robert Kane Pappas to focus mostly on language that news media uses in its reporting and how it fulfills the prophecies found in Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language”. The documentary, however, seemed to be more about the 2000 presidential election and how conservatism is destroying the media …

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Movie Review | Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans was an inspiring true story based in the United States in the year 1971 when schools were still segregated, and tension was still high among the people. Our story tells of a football team of the newly integrated high school TC Williams. The football team has to learn how to work hard …

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