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Documentary Review | Tupperware!

A story of American ingenuity and the willpower to make something out of nothing. Tupperware! explores the story of two unlikely business partners. A shy, timid inventor and a determined entrepreneur. Two people from enormously different backgrounds use their skills to create a sales empire that would dominate the American economy for decades.

I gave this film a 4 out of 5 stars because it did an amazing job of telling a story through testimonials and videos. The story is told clearly and concisely all while highlighting important people and events that transpired. The only concern I had was how rushed the story was towards the end. \

Written by: Tomas Barriga

Movie Review | Intervista

Intervista ( PN 1995.97 .I7 I73int 2005) is a very peculiar movie about a Japanese film crew that is interviewing an Italian director who is filming his own film. Sound confusing? It was! The film, for the most part, follows this Japanese film crew as they talk with the Italian director. I am not sure how accurate this film is in portraying what it is like to be on a movie set and produce a film, but I did find how they showed it to be quite interesting.

I gave this film a 1/5 star rating because frankly, it did not make very much sense. There was little background information for any of the “characters”, and it ended up being quite boring. Imagine this…you are watching a film about a documentary that is being shot by a third party who are interviewing the “actors” you are watching. The film had almost no progression. I would only recommend this film to those who are heavily invested in learning about the media arts.

Written by: Jared McGrail

Movie Review | Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is a classic Tim Burton movie that is somewhat comparable to his well-known movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The movie is about Victor, a young man from a wealthy family, who has been arranged to marry Victoria, a young woman striving to find happiness despite a difficult family situation. On the eve of the wedding, Victor is taken to the underworld where he learns of his new marriage to a Corpse Bride. Victor is caught between these two worlds as he begins to care for his new underworld bride and friends, while still longing to make it back to Victoria.

This is my favorite of all the Tim Burton movies I have seen. It has the signature, Halloween-like feel that we find it Burton’s other movies, but is also very unique. I loved the plot of the movie and was hooked from start to finish. The movie has a fun love story tied in and shows a more light-hearted underworld than is traditionally shown in the film industry. There are some important lessons taught throughout such as the power of loyalty and friendliness, and the truth that treating others unkindly leads to ultimate despair. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good Halloween movie, but I would also watch it any other time of the year.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

Documentary Review | Exploring Space: The Quest for Life

This documentary tackles the interesting question of whether or not life is possible off of Earth. The documentary features interviews with several experts as they discuss the possibility of other life-forms in the universe. Much of the documentary is centered on the possibility of finding life on Mars, and making Mars habitable for future generations of humans. There are varying opinions and evidences cited throughout, and I feel that there is a good case made for both sides (some supporting the theory of whether Mars could be made habitable, and some claiming that it is not at all reasonable in the foreseeable future).

I thought that this documentary covered an interesting topic and certainly includes thoughts of some very knowledgeable scientists. I enjoyed learning about the research that has already gone into studying the question of whether life exists, or can exist off of planet Earth. While there was certainly some interesting information shared, I found this documentary to be dry. That being said, it was well-made and someone who is more interested in the subject matter would likely find the documentary to be quite enjoyable.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

Movie Review | Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II (PN 1995.9 .S26 B33 2010 pt. 2) is the second film in the Back to the Future trilogy. It starts at the end of the first film in 1985, when Marty’s (the main character) friend Emmet Brown “Doc” comes and tells him that he’s been to the future. He continues to tell Marty that there is a big problem with his kids in the future and that Marty is the only one who can fix it. Marty must go 30 years into the future to the year 2015 in order to save his kids. This leads to a complex situation involving his son, his dad’s nemesis, flying cars, a hover board, and a truckload of manure.

I really liked this movie. I like how it closely ties to the other two movies in the trilogy, and the more you watch the series, the more connections you can find between the films. It is a fast paced movie that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. It takes no time jumping straight into the storyline, which makes things interesting. There are parts in the movie that you think everything has been resolved, and that Marty can return to his own time period, but it always seems to be a false sense of security. I guess that is the problem with time travel. There is always something else that you have to think about! I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars, and recommend it to anyone looking for a fun science-fiction film.

Written by: Kevin Hamilton

Movie Review | Invictus

In this inspiring film we follow Nelson Mandela after he has just been elected president and  the South African Rugby team in their efforts to turn everything around in time for the World Cup. Mandela is an extraordinary man who is determined to change South Africa; after having been imprisoned for 27 years, he was now ready to lead the nation, and lead it by example. After he was elected there were some people that wanted to get rid of the national rugby team’s colors and name because it represented oppression to them, but Mandela wouldn’t allow it as it would only feed the cycle of fear and revenge. The rugby team was saved but they were still terrible and in need of much improvement for the world cup. We get to experience history as Mandela and the Springbok’s come together for the good of South Africa.

I thought that this movie was amazing! In my book this is definitely one of the greatest sports films. It had a good balance between sports and the world outside of sports and it was also great to learn about Nelson Mandela and see the inspiring person that he was. I thought that the acting was good; any movie with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman has to be good. Overall this is a great inspiring film that I would recommend.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

Movie Review | Rocky III

In Rocky III, Balboa is beginning to taste the fruits of his success. While he spends his time enjoying the perks of fame, a new competitor is working his way to the top. Will he have the strength and endurance to take on this new menacing challenger, Clubber Lang? There will be training montages, blood, sweat, more than enough muscle, more sweat, and even more training montages.

This film is a Sylvester Stallone classic, featuring the one and only Mr. T. This classic is filmed well and the acting is at the peak of 80’s acting. Because of this, I rated it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it, If you like action, if you enjoy boxing, if you pity da fool, then this is the movie for you. Will Rocky find the eye of the tiger, will he come out on top? Watch it to find out!

Written by: Hannah McBride

Movie Review | The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Battle of the Five Armies is the final installment in The Hobbit trilogy. After finally reclaiming the Lonely Mountain, Thorin Oakensheild falls into a deep sickness of greed as he and the dwarves try to find the arkenstone. As Laketown survivors must deal with the terrible aftermath of the desolation of Smaug, several parties set their eyes on the mountain and it’s wealth.

I definitely enjoyed this movie, but it wasn’t my favorite in the series. I thought that the fight with Smaug in the beginning was a weird way to start a movie, and would have been better as a finale in the last one. The special effects were still very impressive, as well as all the fight scenes. I also thought that the conclusion of The Hobbit did an excellent job of setting up The Lord of the Rings. I would for sure watch all the movies again.

Written by: Michelle Greenwood

Documentary Review | Legacy

Legacy is a stirring documentary about a family’s struggle to overcome hardships on a journey to a better life. At the tragic loss of a loved one, this family’s whole life is flipped upside down. Throughout the years following the tragedy, the family is faced with two options—they can either stay dependent on welfare just trying to survive in a dangerous neighborhood, or they can work against the odds to earn a more stable, happier way. The documentary offers an in-depth look at the struggles of gang violence, drug addiction, and poverty and how this family works hard to avoid and overcome these things.

This is a very well-made documentary. It offers a great insight into the life of a family that has had so many hardships thrown its way. For me, the crowning aspect of this documentary is its portrayal of hard work, unity, and hope for a better future (for self and for loved ones) becoming the perfect motivating influences for change. The documentary tackles very real issues and the film-makers chose the perfect family for the desired effects/story. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who may be interested in what life is like in some of the more dangerous neighborhoods of the United States.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

Movie Review | The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

After the thrilling ending of The Unexpected Journey comes The Desolation of Smaug, the second installment of The Hobbit series. As the pack of dwarves continue their journey to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim their lost home, Bilbo Baggins falls deeper into the clutches of the Ring. The group must prepare for their encounter with the terrifying dragon, Smaug, who is guarding the mountain and its’ treasures. But it appears that other evils are at work, and it is unclear whether the ragtag team will defeat the dragon and restore hope, or perish at the claws of Smaug.

The Desolation of Smaug has been my favorite movie in the trilogy so far. I thought that all the scenes with Smaug in the mountain were terrifying and exciting. The special effects on the dragon looked pretty good too. All fans of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit should definitely watch this movie.

Written by: Michelle Greenwood

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