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Movie Review | Autism In Love

Autism In Love is a touching documentary, exploring what love looks like in the lives of those with Autism. The film follows four characters: Lenny, a single young adult, a couple going on eight years of dating, and Stephen, married for twenty years. The documentary shows the various challenges they face in love and with communication. It also explores what love means to each of them.

Throughout the film, I found my self really rooting for each of these characters. More than simply demonstrating what life is like with Autism, this documentary expresses universal truths about love and relationships that can resonate with everyone. While I was initially skeptical, watching this gave me a whole new perspective on relationships and the people around me. I was extremely touched by the definitions and acts of love shown by these people. I came away understanding that love is both deeply personal and all inclusive. I was very touched by the way the individuals shared their feelings and how simple they were able to make love seem. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone that asked. Sweet and inspiring, this documentary tells stories in a way that teaches us about ourselves.

Written by: Anika Alldredge

Documentary Review | 20 Feet From Stardom

20 Feet From Stardom (PN 1995.96 .M86 T84 2014) gives the spotlight to the long overlooked singers that sang backup to famous artists such as Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, and Tina Turner. It uncovers the true stories of backup singers Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer and more.The documentary tells us about how these people contribute more than just a soulful background sound to a lead singer.

This documentary really uncovers the true struggles of being so close to stardom but stuck in the shadow of someone else. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you hear the stories of some women that have such a drive and passion for singing and yet their goals are just out of reach. It was touching to see how they didn’t give up on singing and how it was more important to them than fame which is why I give this documentary 5/5 stars.

Written by: Tiffany Chao

Documentary Review | Life

This first part of the Life (PN 1995.96 .N38 L53 2010 pt.1) series is a beautiful nature documentary that specifically highlights reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. It highlights many different animals in their natural habitats, including polar bears, seals, frogs, alligators, and many others. The film is a breathtaking journey into the lives of these creatures as they seek to survive, reproduce, and protect themselves and their young.

Similar to Planet Earth (PN 1995.96 .S265 P528 2017) this documentary features absolutely amazing footage of a wide variety of animals. The documentary is beautifully narrated and interesting from start to finish. I give this documentary five out of five stars because the footage is awe-inspiring, the narration is spot on, and it is an overall high-quality nature documentary.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

Documentary Review | Queen Under Review


Queen Under Review (PN 1995.96 .M86 Q84 2006) is a detailed documentary on the legendary rock band Queen and their journey to the top of the musical industry. The documentary went chronologically through their journey, hit by hit. Experts in the music industry gave background behind every song and how that song influenced society. This documentary even discussed the unique guitar chords that Brian May constructed.

I gave this documentary 2 stars because it did not have the same excitement or enthusiasm that Queen represented through their music. It was dull and repetitive and was hard to pay attention to, which is the complete opposite of any Queen Song. However, it was still interesting to hear certain facts about each song that reached the platinum records and how society reacted to this very unique and showy rock band.

Written by: Mallory Meng

TV Show Review | Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a T.V. show about a brilliant yet immature detective, Jake Peralta. He competes with his other coworkers, such as Amy Santiago to find the most criminals to catch. But don’t mistake the genre of this show, as it is highly comedic and witty. There are many reoccurring jokes and laughs that Jake and his police squad practice in order to make their police precinct as funny as it can be.

I gave this show a 5/5 stars because it is brilliant. It’s hilariously witty and will have you laughing so hard you’ll cry. There are similar elements in it that may be inappropriate to some, but it isn’t worse than The Office or Parks and Rec. The show keeps coming up with clever new jokes and episodes, while still managing to keep its same wit and humor included in every episode. I highly recommend this to viewers who like the other sitcoms.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

Documentary Review | WWII Dead Men’s Secrets: The Secrets of the Sea Wolves

WWII Dead Men’s Secrets:  The Secrets of the Sea Wolves (PN 1995.96 .W3 D43 2005) is a very informative and fascinating documentary about the German submarines, nicknamed “the sea wolves”, and the impact they had in WWII sea warfare.  This film is a compilation of actual footage from the German submarines, interviews with Nazi submarine captains, and historical film reels.  As well, the documentary does an excellent job in portraying the emotions of fear that the allied forces had toward the dreaded German submarines.

I found this documentary to be very interesting.  It held my attention and presented the historical information in an entertaining way that did not take away from the serious tone of the film.  Truly, the German submarine fleet came very close to disrupting allied naval fleets and turning the tide of the war in favor of the Nazis.  I recommend this documentary to any and all WWII history fans, and I give this film 5 out 5 stars for its amazing historical content.

Written by: Jared McGrail

Documentary Review | Botero, The Rebel

Learn about the world’s most famous living artist, Fernando Botero. Follow his journey, from his childhood in Colombia of wanting to be a bullfighter, to his days in Europe leaving meagerly trying to spread the word of his art. This amazing story of success and creativity is shown with interviews of Botero. See much of his early work and influences that catapulted him to success!

This is a film that does justice to Botero’s upbringing and influences while also showing his modern-day impact on the world. This film is not like most art documentaries, Botero’s sense of humor and levity towards his own artwork makes this film both fun and enjoyable to all those watching. I truly felt both educated and enlightened while watching this film even though I personally am not an artistic person. It was refreshing to hear an artist not act so high and mighty about all his work.

Written by: Tommy Barriga

Documentary Review | Korean Cinema Unleashed

Korean Cinema Unleashed is a documentary that takes a fascinating look into the world of Korean film-making, and analyzes how it has become so popular and embedded in their culture today.  It includes various interviews with directors, producers, and actors that share their opinions and views regarding the evolution and influences of Korean cinema.  This documentary also includes a few clips from different films that have made history and are still influencing modern cinema in Korea.

I thought that Korean Cinema Unleashed was such an informative and entertaining film to watch.  It really mapped out the progression of Korean movies and cinema in an easy to understand format.  The interviews with the different actors and directors of the popular Korean films provided an almost behind-the-scenes look as to how these films are made, and how culture plays a very important role in Korean movies.  I give this documentary a 5 out of 5 for its amazing content, and I recommend this film to anyone that is interested in learning more about the Korean cinematic culture.

Written by: Jared McGrail

Documentary Review | Dedicated to Chaos

Dedicated to Chaos (PN 1995.96 .J37 J39 2000 pt.7) is the seventh episode of a ten part series on the history of Jazz. When WWII begins, swing is still the popular music of the time, dominating the charts. At this same time, a new form of Jazz emerges through the young, experimental spirits of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. This new music called bebop begins to spread, changing the course of Jazz forever.

This is one of my favorite documentary series of all times. Ken Burns does a fabulous job of portraying the reality of Jazz and its history, as well as the lives of the musicians. It gives a unique, yet important perspective on our country’s history. Jazz was what defined America at that time and unified people during a time of segregation and disunity. It’s captivating and informative; one can’t help but tap their feet to the irresistible music. This is why I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Written by: Hannah McBride

Documentary Review | Origins

This all-encompassing documentary covers the origins of mankind through multiple scientific fields. It explores the early discoveries that led scientists to question age-old ideas and rethink the processes that formed not only humans, but life itself. Starting with the creation and date of the earth itself, this film also covers how man came to be and evidence of other human-like beings. It incorporates multiple experts across multiple fields to retell the story of how we came to be.

I found this documentary to be fascinating due to the different angles it used to tell such a large story. There were hardly any dull moments or lengths that were used to only fill time. I felt that it was well filmed and brought to life fascinating stories that wove together to communicate the larger picture. It also touched on key points that any science student will be familiar with, yet it expounded on each in a unique way. Overall, I give this documentary five out of five stars.

Written by: Spencer Bradford

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