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Research Outlines (pdf)

Overview:  How To Use Research Outlines (Blue Binders)

The online Research Outlines (Blue Binders) provide access to genealogical resources in the BYU Family History Library (BYU FHL), part of the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL), by providing links to the internet resources, and pop-ups with film and call numbers.  The outlines contain the same information as the printed blue binders in the reference area at the BYU FHL.


Links are underlined in blue.  Clicking a link leads to another topic in the current document, or to a web page.


Highlighted words and numbers refer to resources available at the BYU FHL, in the HBLL.  A popup shows film availability and call numbers when the cursor is placed over a highlight.

NOTE: The Family Search Wiki is rewriting the Research Outlines which will no longer appear in print. Use the Research Wiki for the latest in research instruction.

Link to Family Search Wiki.