Webinar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BYU FHL Webinar Series?

It is a free service intended to help educate experts and beginners alike about genealogy and family history. Webinars are streamed live from the Harold B. Lee Library in Provo, Utah. The topics are presented by well-known genealogists, industry experts, students and alumni of the BYU Family History Program.

How do I participate in a live webinar?

Anyone can view the webinar on the day and time of the broadcast. Check the schedule for dates and times. You can click the links on the PDF to access the webpage where the webinar will be hosted. We also send out an email reminder (which is part of our newsletter) with a link to the webinar the day of.

How do I login to view a live webinar?

For a step-by-step guide to log in to the webinars click here

Can I watch a live webinar on my phone/mobile device?

Yes! Click here to find out how!

How can I watch previous webinar recordings?

Recordings can be viewed on our Youtube Channel or here by scrolling down to the “Past Webinars” section.

I can’t access Youtube, where can I view videos?

Click here and scroll down to the “Past Webinars” section. Each video has it’s own page, at the bottom of that page is a “Unable to access Youtube? Click here” link.

Can I suggest topics for future webinars?

Yes, please contact  fhl_webinars@byu.edu

Who do I contact to ask other questions or provide feedback about webinars?

Email fhl_webinars@byu.edu

Last Modified: August 27, 2018