Family History Basic Tutorials

by Judy Sharp

The following video tutorials are designed for anyone getting started with family history or helping others to get started. They are short and to the point, 5-10 minutes long each. A handout is included with each one.




















Family History Nuggets

Family History Nuggets are half-page handouts, which you may edit and share with others. These little “nuggets” of information include knowledge about history, tips and tricks for doing family history, Google tips, ideas for family home evening, and more.

Not everyone is ready or able to do family history, and not everyone who would like to learn can attend a class. But everyone should be able to take a few seconds to learn something about family history each week. Then when the time comes that they are able to do family history, they will feel empowered, having gained some knowledge over time. Their learning curve will be shortened, and they will be able to master the challenges of family history with confidence.

Last Modified: August 22, 2018