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Classes and Webinars

In-Library Classes

The BYU Family History Library offers a variety of family history classes designed for all types of patrons from beginners to advanced researchers.  Classes are offered for your convenience on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, except during holidays.

You may also schedule classes for family, church, or community groups by contacting Elder Baugh at 801-310-5561 (call or text) or e-mailing lymerunner@gmail.com

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Online Webinars

The BYU Family History Library hosts a series of online webinars that allows you to learn from family history experts without being required to go to the library.  It is easy to connect to these webinars and view them on your own computer or mobile device. Click on the link below to see the current live webinar schedule and view past presentations.

If you have any questions or comments about the webinars email us at fhl_webinars@byu.edu

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YouTube Videos

The BYU Family History Library maintains a YouTube channel of family history instructional videos.  These pre-recorded videos give you another way to learn more about family history in a convenient and up-to-date format.

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Temple and Family History Consultant Training

The following videos have been produced for Ward Temple and Family History Consultants or anyone wanting to learn Family History basics. They are short and to the point, 5-10 minutes long each. A handout is included with each one.

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Last Modified: January 31, 2018