Art in the Library Program

The mission of the Art in the Library Program is to create a dynamic cultural center in the Lee Library, to foster intellectual and creative activities through the Visual Arts, and to act as liaison with other academic departments on campus.

The Art in the Library Committee’s Charge

  • • Provide a venue for BYU art, design, and media arts students to exhibit their work
  • • Host exhibitions by visiting artists
  • • Coordinate the location of art works throughout the library
  • • Occasionally recommend acquisition of art works for the library

Committee Members

Eric Howard, Chair

Library Exhibits Designer

1602 HBLL | 801.422.8359

Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey

Visual Arts Librarian

5447 HBLL | 801.422.6731

Christina Thomas Maloy

Conservator of Rare Books and Manuscripts


Ben Crowder

Senior Software Engineer