Local History Research Guide

State Chronologies and Documentary Handbooks in Social Science Reference

Alabama F 326 .C55

Alaska F 904 .C45

Arizona F 811 .C53

Arkansas F 411 .C57

California F 861 .C5

Colorado F 776 .C5

Connecticut F 94 .C46

Delaware F 164 .C47

Florida F 311 .C47

Georgia F 286 .C48

Local History Research
Strategy Steps:

Guide Introduction
Choose a Topic
Find Background Information
Narrow Your Topic and Form a Research Question
Find Research Materials
Evaluate and Cite Sources
Formulate a Thesis Statement
Write the Paper

Hawaii DU 625 .C54

Idaho F 746 .C47

Illinois F 541 .C55

Indiana F 526 .C47

Iowa F 621 .C57

Kansas F 681 .C45

Kentucky F 451 .C55

Louisiana F 369 .C47

Maine F 19 .C47

Maryland F 181 .C46

Massachusetts F 64.5 .C48

Michigan F 566.5 .C48

Minnesota F 606.5 .C47

Mississippi F 341.5 .C48

Missouri F 466.5 .C48

Montana F 731.5 .C46

Nebraska F 666.5 .C46

Nevada F 841.5 .C46

New York F 119 .C44

North Carolina F 254.5 .C47

North Dakota F 636.5 .C47

New Hampshire F 34.5 .C46

New Jersey F 134.5 .C48

New Mexico F 796.5 .C47

Ohio F 491.5 .C48

Oklahoma F 694.5 .C48

Oregon F 876.5 .C47

Pennsylvania F 149.5 .C47

Rhode Island F 79.5 .C45

South Carolina F 269.5 .C48

South Dakota F 651.5 .C48

Tennessee F 436.5 .C48

Texas F 386.5 .C47

Utah F 826.5 .C47 Utah Historical Department Timeline

Vermont F 49.5 .C45

Virginia F 226.5 .C47

Wisconsin F 581.5 .C45

West Virginia F 241.5 .C47

Washington F 891.5 .C48

Wyoming F 761.5 .C48