World History Research Guide

Newspapers, Historical

Step 1
Use one of the guides below to locate newspapers for the area and time period you are looking for.

Check the World Bibliographic Series for the location you are researching. Then look at the newspapers section of the bibliography for titles that could be helpful to you.

Check the Guide to Other Newspapers on Microfilm and Microfiche in the BYU Library. [Soc Sci Ref Desk]. Titles listed alphabetically and by location with BYU call numbers.

Step 2
Check the Lee
Library Catalog to see if we have a holding for your newspaper title. Do a browse search for “periodical title.”

Step 3
If the Lee Library does not have the newspaper, try ordering it on
Interlibrary Loan.

For coverage of international events, try the following:

World History Research
Strategy Steps:

Guide Introduction
Choose a Topic
Find Background Information
Narrow Your Topic and Form a Research Question
Find Research Materials
Evaluate and Cite Sources
Formulate a Thesis Statement
Write the Paper

New York Times Online 1851-Present. Select “PQ Hist. News. NY Times” from ProQuest Collections.

New York Times, 1857-. [Microforms: N48].

New York Times Index. New York: New Times Company, 1851-. [Gen Ref: AI 21 .N45].

London Times, 1785-. [Microforms: T4842].

Palmer’s Index to the Times London, 1790-1941. [Gen Ref: AI 21 T456].

Official Index to the London Times, 1906-. [Gen Ref: AI 21 .T46].

British Newspapers and Periodicals, 1641-1700: A Short-tile Catalogue of Serials Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, and British America: With a Checklist of Serials Printed 1701-March 1702 and Chronological, Geographical, Foreign Language, Subject, Publishers, and Editors Indexes, 1641-1702. [Gen Ref: PN 5124 .P4 X55].

British Union Catalogue of Periodicals. London: Butterworths, 1964-1980. [Gen Ref: Z6945 .B874].

Foreign Newspapers Held by the Center for Research Libraries. [Gen Ref: Z 6945 .C43x 1992].

Newspaper Press Directory and Advertisers’ Guide [Punch]. London: Benn, 1846-1963. [Gen Ref: Z 6956 .E5 N6].

Newspapers in Microform: United States. Washington: Library of Congress. Lists newspapers (US and foreign) microfilmed between 1948 and 1983. [Stacks: PN 4731 .U54x].

Willing’s Press Guide. London: Willing’s Press Service, 1874-. [Gen Ref: Z 6956 .E5 W5].

Willing’s European Press Guide. London: Hutchison Willing, 1966-. [Stacks: Z 6955 .W5].

Other helpfuls resources:

Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject Guide for Researchers. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1977-1983. 3v. [Gen Ref: AI 3 .X1].

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