World History Research Guide

Documentary Sources

Constitutions, Treaties and Declarations. Constitutions, treaties, and declarations consists of the texts of important treaties and of country's constitutional documents.

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe. "The following links connect to Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated. They shed light on key historical happenings within the respective countries (and within the broadest sense of political, economic, social and cultural history)."

Full-text Documents by Period has links to full-text documents from all over the web arranged by period. This site is maintained by Rutgers University Libraries.

OriginalSources is a compilation of thousands of historical sources, including original documents, eyewitness accounts, and classical historical accounts. Materials are arranged in eight major categories: 1) World History, 2) U.S. History, 3) Science and Mathematics, 4) Social Science, 5) Literature, 6) Political Science and Law, 7) Language, 8) Philosophy and Religion.

World History Research
Strategy Steps:

Guide Introduction
Choose a Topic
Find Background Information
Narrow Your Topic and Form a Research Question
Find Research Materials
Evaluate and Cite Sources
Formulate a Thesis Statement
Write the Paper