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General Iconography

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Illustrated list of works of art depicting Baroque themes used during the 17th and 18th centuries. Vol. 1: religious subjects; vol. 2: profane. Under each theme, there is a brief list of references describing the scene plus a list of artists who depicted it. HumRef N 6410 .P5

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Themes contain critical essay, works of art depicting specific themes, and bibliography. HumRef N7560.E53 1998

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Symbols in Art

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Religious Topics

Christian Iconography

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Volumes V-VIII: Ikonographie der Heiligen. BV 150 .L4
One of the most scholarly iconographical references available. The first four volumes cover general terms and Biblical characters. The lives of the saints start with the fifth volume. Written in dictionary format, entries are signed, have numerous illustrations and include bibliographical references. At the beginning of the first and fifth volumes there are four lists which explain the abbreviations used: for terms, for museums, for cities, and for bibliographical references.

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Vol. 1 is a general introduction, with articles on the sources and evolution of Christian iconography; on animal, human, and liturgical symbolisms; and on the iconography of the saints. Vol. II contains the iconography of the Bible. Vol. III (3 books) contains the iconography of the saints. The last book has several indices: to the names of the saints in various languages including Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, and Dutch; to the patronage of the various saints; and to the attributes of the saints. A general bibliography is published in the first volume. The entries in the third volume describe scenes in which the saints are depicted in art, including the English title for the scene and bibliographical data and an extensive list of works of art that illustrate the saint or symbol discussed. These lists, which are divided by century, include the locations of the works of art.

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Volume I covers the life of Christ (from the Incarnation through the miracles) and vol. II covers the Passion of Christ. Profusely illustrated with black-and-white reproductions. Each book contains a selected bibliography; second volume has a general index for both works. These are two of the volumes of Ikonographie der christlichen Kunst. Five vols. have been issued in German, covering the Resurrection, Ascension, and The Church. HumRef N 7830 .S3513 (English)
Ikonographie der christlichen kunst. 1966. 5 vols . N 7830 .S35 (German)

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Includes a list of the more important saints of church art accompanied by their date of martyrdom, attributes, and a glossary of common symbols.


Study of Saints

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Encyclopedia of saints, although more theological than iconographical. BX 4655.8 .B5

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Divided into two main sections: a biographical dictionary of saints with some bibliographical data and a dictionary of emblems that lists the saints associated with them. Has five appendices: (1) patriarchs and prophets with their emblems; (2) sibyls and their emblems; (3) patron saints of arts, trades, and professions; (4) patron saints of various classifications; and (5) saints who were invoked for particular reasons. In all categories, the saint's feast day is provided in parentheses beside the saint's name.
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Volume I: Iconography of the Saints in Tuscan Painting, 1952.
Volume II: Iconography of the Saints in Central and South Italian Schools of Painting, 1965. Volume III: Iconography of the Saints in the Painting of North-east Italy, 1978.
Volume IV: Iconography of the Saints in the Painting of North-west Italy, 1985.

New Catholic Encyclopedia . 2003. [Electronic Resource, search Library Catalog]

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Bible Dictionaries

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Non-Christian Topics

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Greek and Roman

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Emblem Books

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Iconographic index spanning the major periods of art and literary history, focusing on sixteenth and seventeenth century prints. Contains 60,000 entries on microfiche, and was assembled from 20 renowned sources, including Adam von Bartsch's Le Peintre Graveur. The entries represent both printed and pictorial material. The earliest imprint is 1250, and the most recent is 1940. Each entry is arranged alphabetically by keyword. Assigned keywords are based on the most significant aspect of each imprint. Keywords are tied to specific subjects such as: Architecture, History, and Science.

Index Iconologicus also complements the Decimal Index to the Art of the Low Countries/Iconclass system. It is divided into (1) chronological listing of bibliographic sources and (2) black-and-white illustrations, organized by proper names, places, works, concepts, objects, and themes, including secular, mythological and religious.
User guide in Religion/Family History Reference (level 2)


Iconclass Indexes: Dutch Prints. 1994-. HumRef NE667.I27x 1994
Iconclass Indexes: Early German Prints. 1995-. HumRef NE651.L386 1995
Iconclass Indexes: Italian Prints. 1987-. HumRef NE659.I28x
NOTE: The Illustrated Bartsch is also available in digital format through the database ARTStor.

A detailed iconographic classification system organized by Waal and other Dutch art historians, utilized in a growing number of projects, such as Marburger Index, DIAL, Iconclass Indexes, etc. The set consists of 7 vols. of the classification system, 7 vols. of related bibliography, and an alphabetical index of 3 vols. The classification consists of 9 "Divisions"with detailed numbers assigned to each person or term. Within each Division,there are Subdivisions utilizing letters and numbers. The 9 Divisionsare:
(1) Religion and Magic; (2) Nature; (3) Human Being, Man in general; (4) Society, Civilization, Culture; (5) Abstract Ideas and Concepts; (6) History; (7) The Bible, (8) Literature; (9) Classical mythology and ancient history.
ICONCLASS WEBSITE: http://www.iconclass.nl/
Munich: K.G. Saur, 1976-1996. Owned by the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg and Rheinisches Bildarchiv in Cologne, the photographs cover material dating from the Middle Ages to the present. Contains all types of western and non-western art, architecture, sculpture, prints, and decorative arts andcrafts. Exterior and interior views are provided as well as photographs taken between 1850 and 1996 of art objects owned by German museums, churches, and institutions. About 1 million images in 13,000 microfiches. Index in CD-ROM, located in the Family History/Microform Library, level 2.
Photographic collection of Greek and Roman classical art and architecture with additional illustrations for Egypt and the Near East as well as architecture and fine arts of the Middle Ages and the modern era. Photographs are organized by types of monuments and topography. More than 300,000 images.
Microfiche N 5615 .I634 (2,714 microfiches)
Guide: N 5615 .I634x 1991 (Family History/Microform Library, level 2)