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Reference Sources



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The website is a great resource for locating exhibition catalogs



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Links to: A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, The Oxford Dictionary of Art, A Dictionary of Modern Design, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States, The Oxford Companion to the Garden, The Oxford Companion to the Photograph, The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance, A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art, The Oxford Companion to Western Art.

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Books & Exhibition Catalogs


  • Books, exhibition catalogs, and museum catalogs located in the Lee Library are indexed in the Library Catalog. You can search by artist's name, artistic style, time period, country or nationality, museum or gallery name, or any combination of keywords. Art books are cataloged according to the Library of Congress Subject Headings, and are mostly classified according to:
medium. ex: painting, sculpture, drawing
nationality. ex: art, english--19th century; art, european--17th century; sculpture, american; painting, french
genre. ex: landscape painting; portrait painting
time period (century). ex: art--21th century; art, german--19th century
style. ex: art, baroque; art, renaissance
  • Exhibition Catalogs have subject headings for the name of the artist, subject, style, and museum or gallery where the exhibition took place. Use the keyword "exhibitions" and the artist's name or topic. (ex: matisse and exhibitions)
  • Museum Catalogs are cataloged by the name of the museum and the subdivision "catalogs" in the subject field. (ex: Guggenheim and catalogs)
  • Catalogue raisonnes (catalogs of an artist's works) have the subdivision "catalogue raisonne" in the subejct field. (ex: Picasso and catalogue raisonne)


For a more comprehensive search of materials on your topic, be sure to search the online catalogs of other libraries. Worldcat is a large database containing records of other research and museum libraries. You can order the books you need online, free of charge. Books will be shipped to the Lee Library and checked-out to you through the Interlibrary Loan services.


Articles & Reviews

In order to find journal/ magazine articles in visual arts, you need to search your topic in a periodical index. See the Library Subject page"Art & Art History."

For a list of current print journal subscriptions in the Lee Library, see the tab "Visual Arts Journals" in the subject page for "Art & Art History."


Primary Sources

  • Art in Theory, 1815- 1900. N 6450 .A779 1998
  • Art in Theory, 1900-2000. N 6490 .A7167 2003
  • Artists on Art: From the XIV to the XX century. N 79 .G57
  • Twentieth-century Artists on Art. N 6490 .A79 1985
  • Sources and Documents in the History of Art Series (13 titles)
  • Documents of Twentieth Century Art Series (New York, NY)
  • Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of the Artists. N 6922 .V3513
    (search a=vasari and genre = electronic books for e-book)


1. Finding books from the time period you're writing about:

  • Search the Library Catalog by SUBJECT and limit by date of publication. Ex: s=architecture and pub year= 18??

2. Finding treatises, letters, diaries, interviews, autobiographies:

Search the Library Catalog under AUTHOR (last name, first name). Ex: Durer, Albrecht.

Common subject terms that indicate primary sources:
personal narratives
complete works
early works to 1800

Search the terms above with other keywords. Example: art and history and (sources or document$)


Additional Resources

Depending on your topic, there will be additional resources which are not listed above. These include microfiche sets, art sales catalogues, videos, etc. For more information, consult the Humanities Reference Desk, level 5.


Special Sets

Bartsch, Adam von. The Illustrated Bartsch. 1978- . Vols. 1-164.
The art works catalogued in Bartsch are indexed in the Index Iconologicus (see call number and description in the Microfiche Sets section) and in the Iconclass Indexes listed below. The classification system used is the "ICONCLASS." HumRef NE90 .B213
This is now available online, through ARTstor (Databases A-Z List)

Iconclass Indexes: Dutch Prints. 1994-. HumRef NE667.I27x 1994
Iconclass Indexes: Early German Prints. 1995-. HumRef NE651.L386 1995
Iconclass Indexes: Italian Prints. 1987-. HumRef NE659.I28x

Hollstein. German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts. 1954-. vols. 1-26A. HumRef NE651.H6


Microfiche Sets

Index Iconologicus. 1980.
Comprehensive microfiche index of over 60,000 bibliographic references and illustrations of art works from 1250 to 1940. Indexes art works published in Bartsch's Le Peintre Graveur, The Illustrated Bartsch, and other bibliographic sources. HumRef Desk N5300.X1 M53x

Index of Ancient Art and Architecture: Monuments of Greek and Roman Cultural Heritage in the Photographic Collection of the German Achaeological Institute in Rome. (2,714 microfiches + guide)
Microform/Genealogy N 5615.I634 (level 2) Guide Microform/Genealogy Reference: N 5615.I634x 1991

Marburger Index: Photographic Documentation of Art in Germany. 1976-1996.
Photographs owned by the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg and the Rheinisches Bildarchiv in Cologne, taken between 1850 and 1996. Material covered dates from the Middle Ages to the present, including western and non-western art, architecture, sculpture, prints, and decorative arts owned by German museums, churches, and institutions. About 1 million images in 13,000 microfiches. CD-ROM Index and microfiches at the Humanities Reference Desk.


Art Sales Catalogs

The Art Sales Index. 1984- present. HumRef N8670.A66 (latest 5 years in HumRef, earlier eds. in stacks)

Meyer. International Auction Records. 1967- present. HumRef N8640.I5 (latest 5 years in HumRef, earlier eds. in stacks) Now online in

SCIPIO (Art & Rare Book Sales Catalog). Online.

The Lee Library receives weekly catalogs of Sotheby's auction sales. They are cataloged in NK570.S47x, by geographical location of auction house (New York, Los Angeles, etc.).

Other annual auction catalogs include:
Christie's Review of the Season. 1972-present. N 8640 .C52 C49
Sotheby's Art at Auction. 1987-present. N 8640 .A5
Gordon's Print Price Annual. 1981-1993. HumRef NE1. G67