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Choosing a Database/Finding Articles

To locate magazine, journal, and newspaper articles on a particular topic, start by searching one of the Harold B. Lee Library databases. Some databases cover a very specific subject area (business) in great detail and some cover many subjects (general) in less detail. Databases list the full text or citations for articles written on a particular topic. Almost all of our electronic databases are available off campus. The database listing indicates whether or not that database is available off campus. To use a database off campus, you will need a Route Y login and password.

To choose the best database consider the following:

To find the most useful databases for your topic go to the Harold B. Lee Library. Under "Find Articles", choose one of the Library Subjects. A librarian has preselected the best databases for the particular topic, and these subject pages will give you a list of recommended databases as well as descriptions of each database. You will also find the librarian contact information for further assistance.

If you don't know or are unsure of the right subject area, you may want to choose a general and multidisciplinary database. General databases cover a broad range of topics which makes them good starting points for research. To find these general databases, go to the Harold B. Lee Library and under "Find Articles", select the subject General Research. Also try a database with a lot of newspaper coverage.

If you know the name of the database you want to search, go to "Find Databases" and click Databases A-Z.
To access all business databases click the tab labeled Business Databases A-Z at the top of this page.

The following are examples of a few general, business and news databases.

General Research Databases:

Business Databases:

News Databases:

For tips on how to use these databases click the top tab labeled Search Strategies.

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