Guide to Finding ERIC Documents

The ERIC database is the world's largest single source of education information, containing more than 1.1 million records. When you search ERIC you will retrieve citations and abstracts about education-related journal articles. Your search results may also include non-journal materials, which are called ERIC Documents. Each ERIC Document has a unique “ED” number, as in this citation:

A Guide to Voucher Programs. For Parents, about Parents. Walls, Charles A.; ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, New York, NY., 2003 (ED482924)

Types of ERIC Documents include books; conference proceedings and selected presentations; literature reviews and bibliographies; Congressional hearings and reports; reports on federal/state standards, testing, and regulations; research reports; U.S. Department of Education and contractor reports; working papers from established research and policy organizations; and lesson plans.

Approximately 107,000 documents that were added to the ERIC database between January 1993 and July 2004 are available for download, free of charge, by clicking on the link in the online database you are using (Full Text from ERIC, Full Text, or ERIC Document Link, depending on the database). If an item does not have a full-text link, it may be a copyrighted book. In that case, check BYU holdings (search the catalog) to see if the Lee Library has a copy. If you cannot locate it at BYU, then you can request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

For ERIC Documents added to the database before 1993 the Lee Library has a complete microfiche collection located in the Social Sciences/Education Department on Level 1. Just take the ED number from the citation and locate the microfiche. They are in numerical order. Microfiche readers and copiers are available. If you would like help with the microfiche, please ask at the Social Sciences/Education Reference Desk.