Gartner Database Quickstart Guide

Gartner is an online service providing market research reports of the Information Technology (IT) industry and in depth analysis on IT issues. It also provides reports on dominant trends in the IT industry, overviews of existing and emerging technologies and analysis of products on the market.

To access Gartner go to the library website . Find articles by Subject, use the drop down menu and select Information Systems. This page contains the information systems databases, choose Gartner. Once you click connect, a box will appear requesting your Route Y ID and password. You can also click on the following website to get to the page

Types of Searches:

There are two types of Searches: Simple Search and Advanced Search. Both of these check all words in each document by default. Both Simple and Advanced Search are accessible from every main page of on the top right-hand corner. If you are a registered member, you are allowed to search all content on, although your access privileges vary depending on the level of membership with Gartner. If you are a visitor and have not yet registered, you can view free content and purchase other content.

To Perform A Simple Search:

Enter a search string into the search window located at the top-right corner of the Home Page.

Hints on Entering Search Terms:

To Perform an Advanced Search:


The Research section highlights recent Gartner research on cutting edge topics relevant to a wide spectrum of Gartner clients. After you sign in you can click a headline in the center of the page to bring up the research note. You can also click on Latest Gartner Research or View All News Analysis.

Browsing Research:

If you do not have a specific topic, author, or date of publication in mind, you can still browse through the research database on any of these parameters or review one of the Dynamic Topics. Dynamic Topics pull together research material that "lives" in various sections of Browse.

To Browse research:

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