Asian Biographical Information

A. China

A Chinese Biographical Dictionary - Herbert A. Giles. Soc Sci Ref DS L734 .G46

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China Vitae. “. . . an online biographical database that provides more than 2500 biographies of current Chinese political, military, economic, business, and academic leaders. . . .”

B. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Who's Who, 1970-1973 - Rola Luzzatto. DS 796.H7 H68.

Who's Who in Hong Kong - Database Pub. Soc Sci Ref DS 796.H753 A28 1984.

C. Japan

Who's Who in Japan . DS 834 .A1 W5. 1926-27,l 1939-40, 1943-44.

Who's Who in Japan . Soc Sci Ref CT 1836 .W47

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D. India

India Who's Who . Soc Sci Ref DS 434 .I56x.

South Asia Biographical Dictionary Index . Soc Sci Ref CT103 .S36x.

National Biographical Dictionary of India . CT 1503 .S48.

E. Afghanistan

Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Afghanistan . DS 335 .A43x. 1987.

F. Asia

Asia Who's Who . DS 32 .A8 1958. Third edition 1960.

Who's Who in Asian and Australasian Politics. Soc Sci Ref DS 35.2 .W48 1991.


A. Almanacs

The World Almanac and Book of Facts . New York : Newspaper Enterprise Association. Annual. AY 67 .N5 W7. Latest year in Soc Sci Ref, Sci Ref, Hum Ref. Earlier years in stacks.

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B . Encyclopedias and Yearbooks

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan . 9 vols. Soc Sci Ref DS 805 .K633.

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