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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

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Atlases, Handbooks

The Atlas of Archaeology. Aston, Mick. New York: DK Publishing Inc., 1998. Soc Sci Ref CC 165 .A75

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Periodical Indexes

Abstracts in Anthropology. 1970- Soc Sci Ref GN 1.A15

America, History and Life. 1964 - 1994. (Index on Computer) Soc Sci Ref E 178 .X1 A48

Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts. 1966- Soc Sci Ref GN 1 .A77x


Key Journals

American Antiquity. 1935- E 51 .A495

American Journal of Archaeology. 1885- CC 1 .A43x

Antiquity. 1927- CC 1 .A7

Archaeology. 1951- GN 700 .A725

Historical Archaeology. 1967- CC 1 .H57

Israel Exploration Journal. 1950- DS 111 .A1187

Journal of Archaeological Science. 1974- CC 1 .J68

Journal of Field Archaeology. 1974- CC 1 .J69

Latin American Antiquity. 1990- E 65 .L385x

Utah Archaeologist. 1987- F 828 .U83x

World Archaeology. 1969- CC 1 .W6