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LOCATION: All periodicals are located in the Periodicals Room (level 2), unless otherwise indicated below. Issues dating 1987-present are housed in open shelves and pre-1986 in compact shelves. All annuals are shelved in the main stacks of the Library, with books.

NOTE: If you can't find a title on the list below, search in the Library Catalog, by "periodical title." You can also use Journal Finder, which will tell you if we have a print copy of the journal, or if it is available online full-text through various periodical indexes. If the Library does not own the journal, you can order it from another library, through Interlibrary Loan Services. Articles will be e-mailed to you.


Call Number
NX 587 .A6 African Arts
N 8554 .A53b AIC Newsletter
E 51 .A495 American Antiquity
N 6505 .S56 American Art (Smithsonian Institution)
N 1 .A243 American Artist
N 6505 .A618 American Art Journal
N 6505 .A619 American Art Review
NK 1 .C73 American Craft
E 98 .A7 A43x American Indian Art Magazine
N 6512 .C64 Annual Exhibition Catalog (Cowboy Artists of America) level 5
N 5320 .A55 Antike Kunst
NK 807 .A58x Antique Week
CC 3 .A57x Antiquite Tardive (Annual) level 5
CC 1 .A7 Antiquity
N1 .A255 Apollo
NA 2543 .S6 A57 Appendx: culture, theory, praxis
GN 700 .A725 Archaeology
N 7260 .A7 Ars Orientalis: the Arts of Islam and the East
N 6505.A55 Art & Antiques
N 7260 .A78x Art & Asia Pacific
N 7479 .A76 The Art Book (London, England)
N 11.C4 The Art Bulletin (CAA)
N 34.X1 A82x Art Documentation (ARLIS/NA)
N 81 .A86 Art Education
N 7480 .A77 Art History
N 1 .A43 Art in America
N 81 .A887 Art Journal (CAA)
N1.A57 Art Monthly
N 1 .A46 Art Newspaper
N 6675 .A78 Art Nexus
N 510 .A7x Art Now Gallery Guide latest year in HUMREF
NE 1 .P69 Art on Paper  
Z 711 .A78x Art Reference Services Quarterly
N 7810 .A8 Arte Cristiana
N4.A53 Arte Lombarda
N 5950 .A78 Arte Medievale
N 6921 .A6 Arte veneta: rivista di storia dell'arte
N 1 .A814 Artforum (International)
N 8 .A75 Artibus Asiae
NX 1 .A1 A77 Artibus et historiae
N 1 .A37x Artist's Magazine
N 1 .A6 Art News
NK 1160 .D4 Arts Education Policy Review
NX 583 .A1 I1565 Arts Review Asian Collection
N 4 .B6 Bollettino d'arte
NX 458 .B65 BOMB
N 610 .A4 Bulletin. Metropolitan Museum of Art
N 685 .A45 Bulletin. Philadelphia Museum of Art
DS 101 .A6 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
N 560 .A42 Bulletin of the Detroit Institution of Arts
N 2460 .A3x Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum
N1.B95 Burlington Magazine
DF 503 .B86 Byzantine Studies
CC 3 .C34 Cahiers Archeologiques
NK 3700 .C47 Ceramics Art and Perception
TP 785 .C44 Ceramics Monthly
NK 3700 .C475 Ceramics Technical (semi-annual)
N 8640 .C53 C45a Christie's Magazine
N 8640 .C52 C49 Christie's Review of the Year (Annual) level 5
N 380 .C663 Computers and the History of Art
N2.C62 Connaissance des Arts
N6250.C67 Corso di cultura sull'arte ravennate e bizantina: conferenze
S 3 .C9 Country Life (London, England) (weekly)
NX 1 .C64 Critical Inquiry
QH 70 .C8 Curator  
N 1 .A1 F532x Flash Art (International)
N4.F583 FMR: The Magazine of Franco Maria Ricci
NK 805 .C55 Folk Art
NA 737 .W7 F6785x Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly
N 6480 .F75 Frieze: contemporary art and culture
N 2 .G3 Gazette des beaux-arts
N1.G46x Genders
N6280.G4 Gesta
PN1560.H5x High Performance
N582.M25A25 J. Paul Getty Museum Journal
BR 128 .A2 J3 Jahrbuch fur Antike und Christentum (Annual) level 5
N 1 .J6 Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
AP 2 .J8325 Journal of Popular Culture
DG 11 .J687x Journal of Roman Archaeology
AS122.L815 Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
NX 1 .A1 K36 Kanina (San Jose, Costa Rica)
NX 584.6 .A1 K69 Koreana (Seul, Korea)
N 5 .V74a Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis
On-order La Revue du Musee d'Orsay
NK7300.L36 Lapidary Journal
N6490.L42 Leonardo
Z 43 .A1 C35x Letter Arts Review (formerly Calligraphy Review)
PS 536.2 .L56x Lingo: a Journal of the Arts
NK 1125 .A3 The Magazine Antiques
DG 12 .A575 Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
N610.A725 Metropolitan Museum Journal (Annual) level 5
N14.K8x Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz
N 6250 .M58B778.M64x Mitteilungen zur Spatantiken Archaologie und Byzantunischen Kunstgeschichte (Annual) level 5
N 6480 .M63 Modern Painters  
N 6480 .M64 The Modernism Magazine  
B778.M64x Momus: rivista di studi unmanistici level 5
AM 1 .M63 Museum International (Oxford, England)
AM 121 .I57 Museum Management and Curatorship
N1.C48a Museum Studies
AM 1 .M7 Museums Journal
N5.N4 Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek
N1.N45x New Art Examiner
NX 503 .N48 New Criterion
NX1. O22x October
DJ 1 .O9 Oud Holland
N1.O96 The Oxford Art Journal
NA 4 .P45 Palladio
NX 456 .P358 Parkett
NX1.P57 Ploughshares
N4.P76 Prospettiva
N 8700 .P83 Public Art Review
N 7432.5 .A78 R29x Raw Vision: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art
CB 361 .R46x Renaissance Studies
NX 1 .R46 Representations
N2.R42 La Revue du Louvre et des musees de France
N4.R5x Rivista d'arte
N1.R87 Rutger's Art Review
N81.S3 School Arts
NB 1 .S37 Scultpure
NB1.N29 Sculpture review
TT 848 .S53 Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot
N5.S55 Simiolus
N8640.A5 Sotheby's Art at Auction (Annual) level 5
N1.S69x Source: notes in the history of art
N6525.S58 Southwest Art
N 4 .S84 Storia dell'arte
N 6911 .S77 Studi di storia dell'arte (Annual)
N 81 .S84 Studies in Art Education
NX1.S84 Studies in Iconography
call number varies Studies in Modern Art (MOMA) Search Library Catalog
N386.U5S78 Studies in the History of Art
NK3700.S86 Studio Potter
GN 347 .V57 Visual Anthropology
N 6480 .V58 Visual Arts and Culture
N 3998 .V57 Visual Resources: VR
N 6879 .W2 Wallraf-Richartz Jahrbuch (Annual) level 5
N9.W52 Winterthur Portfolio
N72.F45 W64 Woman's Art Journal latest 5 years in PER; rest in JSTOR
N1 .W667 World Art
N 5310.7 .W67 The World of Tribal Arts
N3.Z53 Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte


Call Number
NA200.A69 Architectura (Munich, Germany)
NA1.A15 Architectural Design: AD (London, England)
NA 190 .A72 Architectural History
NA1.A6 Architectural Record  
NA1.A69 The Architectural Review  
NA2.A78x L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui
NA1.A326 Architecture: the AIA Journal  
NA 4 .A778 L'architettura (Milan, Italy)  
NA6.A74 Arkitektur (Stockholm, Sweden)
NA6.J3 The Japan Architect
NA9000.A48 Journal of the American Planning Association  
NA12.R76 The Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
NA11.A83 Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians  
NA1.P53x Places  
NA12.R761 Practice (London, England)
NA11.S58 Society of Architectural Historians Newsletter
NA9000.T54 Town & Country Planning
NA9000.T6 The Town Planning Review
NA9000.U7 Urban Land


Call Number
NC998.5.A1 A37
365: AIGA Year in Design (Annual)
(continues Graphic Design USA)
level 5
Aidea = Idea
NC 997 .A1 A43x AIGA Journal of Graphic Design
NC975.A78 American Illustration (Annual) level 5
NC 998.5 .A1 A44 American Showcase Illustration (Annual) level 5
NC 1766 .U5 A48 Animation Magazine
NA730.C2A7 Architectural Digest
NC997.A1A69 Art Directors Annual level 5
NA 968 .B58 Blueprint (London, England)
NC997.A1 Communication Arts Magazine
NC997.A1C75x Creativity: A Photographic Review (Annual) level 5
NC 997 .A1 C76x Critique: The Magazine of Graphic Design
NA2599.9.D47 Design Book Review: DBR
NK 1160 .D488 Design Issues
NK1.E9 Design Quarterly
N4.D6 Domus
NC 997 .A1 E4x Emigre
T385.E96 Eurographics
NC 1 .E94x Eye: The International Review of Graphic Design (London, England)
TT 697 .F52 Fiberarts
TH 4805 .F55 Fine Homebuilding
TT 180 .F55 Fine Woodworking
NA9.F56x Florida Architecture (Annual) level 5
NK8.F6 Form (Sweden)
Z119.G761x Gaftworld
SB469.G27 Garden Design

NC 997 .A1 G73 Graphic Design Annual level 5
NC 997 .A1 G7373x Graphis Advertising (Annual) level 5
Z 116 .A3 G73x Graphis Book Design (Annual) level 5
NC 997 .A1 G758 Graphis Corporate Identity (Annual) level 5
NC997.A1 G73 Design Annual (Graphis) (Annual) level 5
NC 997 .A1 G734x Graphis Ephemera (Annual) level 5
NC 1002 .L47 G7 Graphis Letterhead (Annual) level 5
NC 1002 .L63 G7x Graphis Logo Design (Annual) level 5
NC 969 .G76x Graphis Magazine Design (Annual) level 5
HF 5828 .P27 Graphis Packaging (Annual)
NC 1800 .G7 Poster Annual (Graphis) level 5
NC 997 .A1 G77x Graphis Product Design (Annual) level 5
Z 246 .G72x Graphis Typography (Annual) level 3
TX301.H68x House & Garden
NA7100.H65 House Beautiful
NC1000.H68 HOW
TS 1 .I515 ID: International Design (New York)
NK1700.I632x Interior Design
PN 6710 .I58 The International Journal of Comic Art (2/year)
NK1160.I57 The International Design Yearbook level 5
NK 1 .J68 Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts
AS 122 .W653x Journal of the William Morris Society
SB 469 .L3 Landscape Architecture
PN 2091 .E4 L54 Lighting Dimensions
NK1700.M13x MD: Moebel Interior Design
N 6535 .N5 M47 Metropolis
NK 1700 .A57 Metropolitan Home
NK 1160 .G736x New Talent Design Annual (Graphis) level 5
NC997.A1G4 Novum (Continues Novum Gebrauschsgraphik)
TH 3401 .O43 The Old-House Journal
NK1700.O8 Ottagono
TS 158 .P32x Packaging Digest
E 151 .H5 Preservation: the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Z119.P8985 Print
NC997.A1 S83x Step-by-Step Graphics
NK 8800 .S87x Surface Design Journal
NK 1160 .S96a Surface Newsletter
HD 9850.1 .T52 Textile History
TS 1306 .A1 T4x Textile Museum Journal
F 821 .S275 Utah Style & Design
NK 1700 .W35 Wallpaper
NC 1 .Z4x ZED (Annual) level 5


Call Number
TR 187 .T842 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography Locked Case
TR640.A2 Afterimage
TR 1 .A62 Aperture
TR 12 .A76 Art Director's Index to Photographers (Annual) Locked Case
N 1 .A814 Artforum International
TR 640 .B18 B & W: Black and White Magazine
TR 1 .B55 Blind Spot
TR 1 .C363x Camera Arts
TR 640 .C66 Contact Sheet
TR 835 .I461x Document World
AS 30 .D68 DoubleTake
TR 640 .G7x Graphis Alternative Photography (Annual) level 5
TR 1 .G73x Graphis Amateur Photo (Annual) level 5
TR 640 .F563x Graphis Fine Art Photography (Annual) level 5
TR690.A1P48 Graphis Photo (Annual) locked case
TR 15 .H57 History of Photography (London, England)
TR1.I47 Image (George Eastman House)
Journal of American Photography (Calumet Photographic Society)

TR 1 .L467x Lenswork Quarterly
TR 28 .L26 Luna Cornea (Mexico)
N 6480 .M63 Modern Painters
TR 1 .P468 PDN: Photo District News
TR1.P46 Petersen's Photographic
Z 286 .P47 P56 PHOTO-EYE BOOKLIST HUMREF - level 5
TR 1 .P545x Photo Life (Vancouver, B.C.)
TR1.I64 Photo Technique International (Munich, Germany) locked case
TR1.P88213 Photography Year Book locked case
TR 640 .P57 Photovision
TR1.P8845 Popular Photography
TR 1 .V53 View Camera
GN 347 .V57 Visual Anthropology
TR 820 .W67 World Press Photo (Annual) level 5


Call Number
PN 241 .A1 B15 Babel
PN 610 .C4x Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
PN 2 .C65x Computers and the Humanities
PN 94 .C75x Critical Texts
HM 101 .C8923 Cultural studies
PN 241 .A1 D4 Delos
PN 80 .D5 Diacritics
NX 452 .E54 Eighteenth-Century Studies
PN 751 .E97x European Romantic Review
AZ 183 .U5 I585 Interdisciplinary Humanities
E 169.1 ,J7 Journal of American Culture  
F 1408.3 .J687 Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: travesia
AP 2 .J8325 Journal of Popular Culture (JPCA)  
NX 504 .L67 Lost Generation Journal
PN 80 .P3x Paragraph: The Journal of the Modern Critical Theory Group
PN 6099.6 .P36 Parnassus: Poetry in Review  
PN 2. P5 Philosophy and Literature
PN 175 .P5x Philosophy & Rhetoric
PN 1 .P6 Poetics
online Project Muse Public Culture
PN 3503 .R45 Review of Contemporary Fiction  
AS 36 .A86 A35 Southern Humanities Review
PN 661 .S6 Speculum
AS 26 .W79 A37 Stanford Humanities Review
PN 661 .S83 Studi Medievali
PN 751 .S8 Studies in Romanticism  
PN 771 .S78 Studies in 20th Century Literature
AP 2 .W426 Western Humanities Review
AS 36 .W79 A37 Wilson Quarterly  

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