Chinese History Guide—Western-language sources


Cambridge Illustrated History of China Soc Sci Ref DS706 .E37 1996
Cambridge History of Ancient China Soc Sci Ref DS741.5 .C35 1999
Cambridge History of China DS735 .C3145 V. 1,3,6,7,8,9pt.1,10-15

Research Guides

Chinese History: A Manual Soc Sci Ref DS735 .W695 2000
The Columbia Guide to Modern Chinese History Soc Sci Ref DS755 .S635 2000

Article Indexes

For history before 1450, use Bibliography of Asian Studies
For history after 1450, use Bibliography of Asian Studies and Historical Abstracts.

Biographical Information

Qin and Former Han dynasties:

A Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han, and Xin Periods, 221 B.C. – A.D. 4 Soc Sci Ref DS 747.38 .L63 2000


Sung Biographies DS 751.5 .S96 Vol.s 1-4

Ming dynasty:

Dictionary of Ming Biography 1368-1644 Vols. 1 & 2 Soc Sci Ref DS753.5 .A84 1976

Qing dynasty:

Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period V.1 & 2 Soc Sci Ref DS734 .U65


Notable Women of China : Shang Dynasty to the Early Twentieth Century HQ 1767.5 .A3N67 2000
Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: the Qing Period, 1644- 1911 Soc Sci Ref HQ1767.5 .A3B56 1998

Republican Period:

Biographical Dictionary of Republican China Vols. 1-4 Soc Sci Ref DS778 .A1B5


Who's Who in the People's Republic of China . Soc Sci Ref DS778 .A1 B33x, DS778 .A1 B3P3 1991
Biographical Sketches of Chinese Communist Military Leaders V.1-3 Soc Sci Ref DS 778 .A1
Who's Who in Communist China Biog Ref DS778 .A1 W45; rev. ed Soc Sci Ref DS778 .A1W46

WWW Resources

“A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization”
“Classical Historiography for Chinese History”
“Chinese History Before the Qing Dynasty”
“ Modern Chinese History Research Center ”

Primary Source Materials

Catalogue of Translations from the Chinese Dynastic Histories for the Period 220-960. DS 741 .C5 Suppl. 1

China's Management of the American Barbarians.
English translation of sections of Chou ban yi wu shi mo (On handling foreigners) that deal with the US 1841-1861

British Parliamentary Papers: China . 42 v. DS 703 .I75 Oversize

Chinese Civilization and Society: A Sourcebook. DS 721 .C517

Source Materials in Chinese History. DS 703 .S687x 1970

Nineteenth Century China : Five Imperialist Perspectives. DS 740.5 .G5 B37

A Collection of Historiographic Materials for a Biography of Chen Chiung-Ming (1878-1922). DS 734.9 .C4362x Pts. A-V, 10 vols.

U.S. Declassified Documents.
Go to the “E-Reference” tab on the library home page, then click on Government Documents, and under that, “Declassified Documents.” Includes intelligence information, classified correspondence, etc. collected by the U.S. government and subsequently declassified. Documents are viewed in their scanned images.

World War I Document Archive -
Searchable database of international primary documents from World War I.

Mission journals

The Chinese Recorder . 1868-1938. BV 3410 .C6 Microfilm.

China 's Millions.
Annual publication of the China Inland Mission. We have 1879, 1880, and 1895.