Sources for Religious Quotations

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Most of the sources listed are located at Religion/Family History Reference on the 2nd level or Humanities Reference on the 5th level.


McLeish, Kenneth and McLeish, Valerie. Longman Guide to Bible Quotations (Essex, England: Longman, 1986).
Rel/Fam Ref BS 391.2 .L65x

Miner, Margaret and Hugh Rawson, sel. A Dictionary of Quotations from the Bible (NY: New American Library, 1988). Arranged by subject.
Rel/Fam Ref BS 416 .R39

C.S. Lewis

Martindale, Wayne, and Jerry Root, eds. The Quotable Lewis (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1989.) Includes quotes from his secular and fantasy works as well. Subject index.
Hum Ref PR 6023 .E926 A6 1989


Castle, Tony, comp. The New Book of Christian Quotations (NY: Crossroad, 1983). Author index.
Hum Ref PN 6084 .R3 N46

Simcox, Carroll E., comp. A Treasury of Quotations on Christian Themes (NY: Seabury Press, 1975). All quotes are listed under six major topics: God, Creation, Man, Christ and His Church, Life in the Spirit, and The End. Indexes of subjects and sources.
Hum Ref PN 6084 .R3 S5

Tan, Paul Lee. Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations: Signs of the Times (Chicago: Assurance Publishers, 1990.) Arranged according to 400 "signs" of the Lord's coming.
Rel/Fam Ref BV 4225.2 .T36

Ward, Hannah and Wild, Jennifer, comps. The Doubleday Christian Quotation Collection (NY: Doubleday, 1998). Arranged by century and by writer. Index to key words.
Rel/Fam Ref BR 124 .D68

Water, Mark, comp. The New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000). An encapsulation of the first 2000 years of the Christian era, with larger selections taken from Christian leaders like Martin Luther, John Wesley and others.
Rel/Fam Ref BR 124 .N48

General Religious

Lorie, Peter, and Manuela Dunn Mascetti, comps. The Quotable Spirit: A Treasury of Religious and Spiritual Quotations from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century (NY: Macmillan, 1996). Biographical and key-phrase indexes.
Hum Ref PN 6084 .R3 Q48x

Neil, William, comp. Concise Dictionary of Religious Quotations (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1974). Source and subject indexes.
Hum Ref PN 6084 .R3 N4

Parrinder, Geoffrey. A Dictionary of Religious & Spiritual Quotations (London: Routledge, 1990). Arranged by topic under 177 headings, from all major religious traditions worldwide. Text, author and subject indexes.
Rel/Fam Ref BL 48 .D5x

Pepper, Margaret, comp. A Dictionary of Religious Quotations (London: Andre Deutsch, 1989). Subject and source indexes.
Hum Ref PN 6084 .R3 D5

Perry, Whitall N., comp. A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom (NY: Simon and Schuster, 1971). Quotes in every subject from all religious/spiritual traditions.
Rel/Fam Ref BL 25 .P52

Proctor, F. B. Treasury of Quotations on Religious Subjects From The Great Writers and Preachers Of All Ages (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1977.) Alphabetical by subject, with general index, index of texts, and list of authorities and sources.
Rel/Fam Ref BV 4225.2 .T73

Wood, Ralph L., comp. The World Treasury of Religious Quotations: Diverse Beliefs, Convictions, Comments, Dissents and Opinions from Ancient and Modern Sources (NY: Hawthorn Books, 1966). 1500 subject headings.
Rel/Fam Ref BL 29 .W6

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts(NY: Paragon House, 1995). Quotations from religious texts throughout the world, including LDS scriptures. Index. Sources.
Rel/Fam Ref BL 29 .W63


Especially for Mormons(Provo: Kellirae Arts, 1972). 5 volumes. Quotations, poems, stories.
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8688 .M618e

Evans, Richard L. Richard Evans' Quote Book (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1973). Quotes used in the famous "Music and the Spoken Word" broadcasts until 1970.
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8648 .Ev16r

Gillum, Gary P., comp. Of All Things! Classic Quotations from Hugh Nibley (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1993).
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8630 .N512o

Howard, Donald H., comp. LDS Quotes (Provo: Harold B. Lee Library, 1989). Quotations are taken primarily from LDS Conference Reports and Devotionals given at Brigham Young University. Various volumes cover from 1975 through 1994.
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8600 .L38

The LDS Speaker's Sourcebook(Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1991). 3000 statements arranged into 287 topics.
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8648 .L459

Maxwell, Cory H., ed. The Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1997). Quotations gleaned from over 5000 pages of Maxwell's writings through 1996.
Rel/Fam Ref BX 8630 .M451a


Ayer, A. J. and Jane O'Grady. A Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations (Oxford: Blackwell, 1992). Arranged by philosopher, with a glossary and subject index.
Hum Ref B 21 .D54