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Ways to Measure Booklist

June 22, 2011 in Baby/Toddler 0-4, Beginning Readers 5-8, Book Lists

These books contain interesting and creative ways to measure or explain everyday objects or experiences.

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood, Houghton Mifflin Books for Children 2010, Ages 4-8.

Highlights the many different types of quiet that everyone experiences from “the first one awake quiet” to “right before you yell ‘surprise!’ quiet.” This is an insightful and calming book that would be great right before bedtime.

Am I Big or Little? by Margaret Park Bridges, SeaStar Books 2000, Ages 4-8.

A loving mother explains to her daughter how she is both big and little at the same time. She is “little enough to bury ride piggyback to the stairs,” but “big enough to hope all the way down.” Each comparison is accompanied with bright water colored illustrations.

A Sock Is a Pocket for Your Toes: A Pocket Book by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon, Harpercollins Publishers 2004, Ages 4-8.

This book lists unconventional pockets that offer a creative look at everyday objects. For example, “A chimney is a pocket blowing smoke, and a pocket for a giggle is a joke.”

A Second is a Hiccup: A Child’s Book of Time by Hazel Hutchins, Arthur A. Levine Books 2004, Ages 4-8.

This book relates time measurement to actions children can relate to. A minute, for example is “sixty hiccups, sixty hops. Or if you sing just one small song, chorus, verses, not too long.” Describes how long seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years are.

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-Lauren Bangerter, BYU Student, Department of English.

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