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Read Smart: The Benefits of Reading Aloud

April 11, 2011 in 0-4 Baby/Toddler, 13+ Teen, 5-8 Beginning Readers, 9-12 Tween, Literacy Tips, Read Smart, Tip of the Week

In today’s frantic world it can be difficult to find time to read aloud to our children. The good things that come from hearing a parent or teacher read to a child, though, are well worth the effort. Reading aloud to a child helps them develop language skills and vocabulary, curiosity and creativity, and a lifelong love of reading. Reading with your child also allows you to give them wanted attention, especially if you take the time to read something one-on-one with each child. Even older children and teens benefit from being read to, as it allows for better reading retention and comprehension. For more reasons to read aloud and a list of books to try out with your kids or students, see this article.

–Debbie Barr, BYU Student, Department of English