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Science Smart: Go on an Indoor Safari

February 28, 2011 in 5-8 Beginning Readers, 9-12 Tween, Literacy Tips, Science Smart, Tip of the Week, World Smart

Whether you’re stuck inside on a cold winter day or the sun is out and shining, you can take your child on an adventurous safari. Before the safari visit the Animals section of National Geographic for Kids. Print out pictures of five or six animals from around the world (or just one location, like the Amazon Rainforest). On the back of the picture write the country or continent where the animal is found. Hide the pictures around the room or the house.

  • Go on a hunt with your children to find the hidden animals
  • Take the pictures to the  website and read some information about each animal
  • Check out the Video and Sound tab to see the animals in their habitats
  • Put the pictures in a Safari Scrapbook that includes a world map of all the countries where you have found animals

This activity can be repeated with different animals as you and your child explore the world at home.

–Jillianne Jensen, BYU Student, School of Education