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Book of the Week: Dotty

January 14, 2011 in Baby/Toddler 0-4, Beginning Readers 5-8, Book of the Week, Fiction

Dotty by Erica S. Perl, Illustrated by Julia Denos, Abrams, 2010, Ages 4-8.

Ida has just started school, and of course, she brings her imaginary friend, Dotty, with her. The other kids have all brought imaginary friends too. After the winter holidays, Ida brings Dotty to school again, as usual. Some of the other kids no longer have their friends though. Ida keeps bringing Dotty with her, but soon she is the only imaginary friend left. Should Ida leave Dotty behind?

Perl has written a simple story perfect for children with imaginary friends of their own.  Denos does a fantastic job of bringing each child’s imaginary friend to life with whimsical watercolor and colored pencil illustrations. With a story about staying true to yourself, even when your friends are changing, Dotty would make a great gift for an imaginative child just starting kindergarten.

–The Book of the Week comes from the Children’s Book and Play Review. This week’s review was written by Debbie Barr, a BYU Student in the Department of English. A more in-depth review can be found here.