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Art Smart: Understanding Manga

October 11, 2010 in 13+ Teen, 9-12 Tween, Art Smart, Literacy Tips, Tip of the Week

In the last ten years, manga has risen to popularity in the United States. Unlike western books, Japanese manga is read from back to front in comic-style panels. Topics range widely, from children’s books (“Shonen” for boys and “Shojo” for girls) to adult stories, all using the same stylized art. Wired magazine offers a great article about the history of manga in America, written in manga style. If your child is interested in this genre, FaceYourManga.com is a fun and easy way to “draw” manga faces. For parents looking for some popular manga books that are appropriate for kids and teens, click here for a brief list.

–Debbie Barr, BYU Student, Department of English