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Read Smart: Baby Gifts that Last

May 17, 2010 in 0-4 Baby/Toddler, Literacy, Literacy Tips, Read Smart, Tip of the Week

Let’s face it–books make better baby gifts than cute little outfits, diapers, or toys. Books last longer, encourage parent/child interaction and bonding, and support language development and learning.  From concept books that introduce a baby to colors, shapes, letters, words, animals, numbers, and more to simple family tales and gentle bedtime stories, books broaden the child’s world.

Select a classic from Baby Bib(liography) or ask the parent-to-be what  his or her favorite bedtime story was, and buy one for the newborn.  When my niece was about twelve years old, I asked her what book she liked the most as a toddler.  Although the book was out of print, I found it on Abebooks.com and purchased a copy.  Two years ago, when her baby was born, she was delighted to share an old favorite with her new son.

–Marsha D. Broadway,  Juvenile Literature Librarian, Brigham Young University