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Archive for June, 2007

Peruvian Dishsoap and Long Term Care Insurance

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

start2.jpgNothing gets you off to a running start like finding a market research report for your industry.  We’ve recently extended coverage from our two most important providers of market research, Euromonitor and Mintel. 



 – 28 Additional Countries

Euromonitor’s Global Market Information Database (GMID) provides data and analysis on international markets.  We’ve added a new module featuring data on consumer markets for countries like Ecuador, Lithuania, and Iran.  These additional 28 countries brings our total coverage up to 80–that’s 85% of the world’s population and 98% of global consumer spending.

In this new module you can pick up interesting tidbits like the fact that the growing number of working women in Peru has increased demand for more convenient household cleaning products, or that Coca-Cola’s bottler in Kazakhstan enjoys a 12.9% market share, compared to Pepsi’s 7.9%.




Mintel is a publisher of high-quality market research reports on health, lifestyles, food, electronics, travel, and many more industries.  We’ve added the Finance module to our subscription, providing 39 in-depth reports with market research on topics like “Long Term Care Insurance” or “Asian-Americans and Finance”.

To access Mintel you need to enter your email address and create a password. 

Both Mintel and GMID can be accessed off-campus.

New DVDs

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

backlash.JPGThe Beauty Backlash
This 30-minute program investigates reactions against idealized images of beauty, including Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign.  DVD 3218

The Online Music Revolution
Documents the transformation of the music industry through legal music downloading and viral marketing.  DVD 3249

Game Theory: Lost in New York
The ABC News program that dumped 12 strangers in New York City and challenged them to find each other.  DVD 3250

The Value of Brand Names
Explores the cachet of well-known brands and enters the offices of Young & Rubicam to investigate brand development.  DVD 3251

Cola Wars: Message in a Bottle
Examines how brand identity is influenced by consumer perceptions by documenting the struggle between Coca-Cola and competitors in the Muslim world.  DVD 2290

Game On! The Unauthorized History of Video Games
DVD 3258

The eBay Effect: Inside a Worldwide Obsession
DVD 3257